RATIO Exchange


  • Whether you believe it or not, hackers are already in your system.  How are you preparing when they want $1m to not to release your data?  Go on the Cyber Offense with a product and services company delivering big game / big name results.
  • Innovation lobbying?  Pretty cool concept that we're exploring with some of the nations leading experts.
  • Designing RATIO's new Innovation Exchange.  Wait until you see this... killer!


  • Helping a company in South Bend, Indiana G2M in the Federal sector with a next generation portable power platform.  This will really redefine on demand power and revolutionize forward operating capabilities. 
  • Helping a major SaaS / ITSM platform G2M in the Federal / DoD sector. 
  • Imagine a new SaaS platform that operationalizes cognitive learning at scale.  Yep, we're involved.
  • Whirlwind tour in South Bend, Indiana.  You really need to check out their advanced manufacturing innovations, insane.


  • Grand opening of the RATIO TechFusion center in Northern Virginia.
  • Sourcing space on the west coast for our second TechFusion center.

August 2017

  • Launched new TechFusion center is Northern Virginia.
  • Raising funds and helping an emerging sensor and sensor analytic company go-to-market.
  • Working with a global accounting firm to assess cyber insurance risk.
  • Leading the innovation around a new demand response platform for a major utility.
  • Partnered with a boutique company in Washington D.C. to bring new and emerging tech innovations to Federal system integrators.
  • Partnering to develop the nation's first EnergyFusion center. 
  • Accelerating the commercialization of a new “Energy of Things” platform created by the government.